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A simple three (3) step process 
Involvement of both  business stakeholders and delegated personnel is key to creating a  sucessful program of compliance and more importantly leads to preventing breaches......
Step #1 - Perform a Risk Assessment - What is in place today, what needs to be in place tomorrow!
  • Review of current processes and the physical set up of your business;
  • Working side by side with personnel and I.T. support to determine existing threats to the loss of PHI/ePHI;
  • Analyze the findings;
Step #2 - Develop Work Plan
  • From identified risks a work plan with recommendations is documented and reviewed with the key stakeholders;
  • Guidance provided to develop solutions to regulations under HIPAA Administrative, Physical, and Technical safeguards;
    • Including documentation of necessary policies and procedures that put appropriate controls in place.
Step #3 - Education - Role out policies and procedures, educate and train employees on how to protect patient health information!
  • Understand the purpose behind policies and procedures;
  • Understand what is required under HIPAA;
  • Understand the importance of monitoring and vigilance.
Additional Services Include:
  • Quarterly HIPAA Newsletter Updates
  • Incident Support
  • Advisory services to HIPAA committees
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